VODAFONE FUEL by DOT architects

Client: Vodafone
Location: Prague, Vinohradská st.
Year of completition: 2006
Award: Gold Medal in International Biennale of Architecture in Minsk 2007  (Leonardo 2007)
Photo: Alexander Dobrovodský
DOT architects team: L. Lacina, E. Lacinová, L. Križek, F. Diaz, T. Rousek, S. Beránek, E. Dandár, M. Růžička

Idea was to create a unique space that would represent modern, dynamic company and became an oasis, where guests and staff can sit comfortably and relax. The philosophy of the new space was in the tension between opposites shapes. In oposition to square shapes we placed organic soft, gentle and friendly shapes. The whole space is defined by the organic shells made of BARRISOL. They symbolize opened gentle arms, and together with the hair sculptures created by Stepan Beranek, bring female element to the entire area. These shells were done in cooperation with E-Area studio. The project originated in cooperation with Libor Lacina and Elenka Lacinová and supported by Michael Reynaud, Stephen Poulin and Scott Young.