Client: Moon Village Association
Time period: 2018-21
Team: Tomas Rousek, Katarina Eriksson, Yan Bilobrovenko, Vittorio Rossetti, Veronika Rabas, Adam Ctverak

Concept of Moon Village by ESA Director General Jan Woerner encompasses not only base, but also other activities in lunar region and aims to promote wider international collaboration. We would like to inspire public by architecture concepts of international moon base, shown in connection with other exploration and infrastructure missions.

The architecture is based on our initial research project SinterHab created for NASA JPL robotics team that presented first concept of 3D printed lunar module based on NASA technology. Later we were commisioned by Moon Village Association to create visualizations presenting the idea of Moon Village and we combined number of modules developed by NASA and private companies.

First vision was made for United Nations meeting at Vienna and thanks to the popularity of concepts we were commissioned by MVA in every following year. Our team is based in USA, Sweden, Prague, London and Italy, the astronaut girl in the Street View is actually Katarina Eriksson from Sweden, space architect of SinterHab module behind her :)

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