Small modular reactor CR-100

Client: UJV Rez, Centrum výzkumu Řež
Time period: 2022
Team: Tomas Rousek, Libor Lacina, Jan Grygerek, Yan Bilobrovenko

XTENDing energy infrastructure ??
With booming electric mobility and the urgent need to deal with climate change, it’s time to build a new generation of power plants. Therefore we’ve been working on the architecture for a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) called CR-100, developed by UJV REZ company and research institute Centrum výzkumu Řež. With 100 MWt of power, this innovative device was designed with a focus on maximizing passive safety and using known technology in a small, simplified format. Plus, all of its components can be manufactured locally in the Czech Republic ??.
The benefits of CR-100 include its suitability for substituting fossil fuel sources, strengthening local energy and heating infrastructure, and producing “pink” hydrogen. The new reactor design doesn’t need large cooling towers or lots of water supplied from rivers. ? Furthermore, because it doesn’t require an emergency planning zone, it can be installed close to urban development. Overall, we’re thrilled with the potential of this project and can’t wait to see what comes next. ?
We have also created website of the project: